Spinning With: Silk Noil and US Grade A Top


Hello, today I am sharing more¬†of my spinning fibres experiments. This time they are more experimental materials for me. I have no clue what I could or will use the silk noil for. I think I will probably weave with it, but made into what I am still unsure of. I would also have to spin a lot to be able to weave anything worthwhile with it. The other material is a blend, it is sold as US Grade A Top and I only bought one half pound bag. I like the blend but I am afraid I won’t have enough for any large projects, so perhaps socks. But enough about what I am thinking about making out of the wools and more about their qualities and what it was like to spin with them.

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Creative Crossroads


Hello everyone, today I don’t have anything in particular to share, more or less I want to share my lack of things to share. As of late I seem to have been working but have not finished anything truly. And for me it feels like it has been a while since I have finished anything. Which is hard, as I like things done quick, which ironically is almost the exact opposite of most fibres techniques. When working my¬†preferred method is to have two or three projects going at once (and spending ample time on each) and finishing each project within a two-three week range.

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