Non-Traditional Dye Plant Essentials


Hello, in my last blog post I talked briefly about how for the last three years my garden has had the main focus of growing flowers for their dye results. I tested almost every flower in my garden, but especially the ones that were deep colours, and I have had some spectacular results as well as a lot of underwhelming ones. And I think I have come to a point where I can dial back the frantic obsession of trying every plant in my gardens dye potential as well as only buying plants that have intense colours for their dye potential.

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Qualities of Natural Fibres


Have you ever found it confusing to know the differences between the many types of wools? I know I have, I didn’t know the difference between Merino and Mohair to begin with. I just knew they both came from animals.

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Using Fabric Scraps


Hello¬†everyone! I’m not sure about you but once I’ve finished cutting out a new pattern I can’t quite bring myself to throw out the bigger scraps. It feels like a waste because some of the scraps are so beautiful. And it is fair to say that I have accumulated quite a collection of them. Some I have found repurposed uses for but others have been left to ponder. I won’t say that it has been easy to find uses for these. My naturally dyed scraps just don’t seem suitable for just tying up tomato plants. And my chiffon scraps still don’t seem to have uses just I keep them just the same. But today I’m talking about the scraps that have found new life and the forms they have taken on.

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Recycling Clothing: Overdyeing


Hello everyone! Today I want to share a quick and easy way to recycle and upgrade your clothing in a different way other than sewing and alterations. Sometimes you have a garment that has all the right shapes and cuts but the colour isn’t right. This was my conundrum with a wrap sweater that was passed onto me from my Mom, I had no issue with the shape but the colour was all wrong so I decided to overdye the sweater to a colour that was more my style.

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