Working On

Bonjour, since my last post I have since finished the shirt that I was working on and I have moved onto another one as well as the winter coat (I am still trying to get lining out of the Pepto Bismol colour realm… I’m thinking of adding logwood next since at this point purple is closer to the colour I want than). And I have done a few dye experiments, which I haven’t been able to do for a while.


(Isn’t this iris nice? I love this picture even though it is a few years old. It was a proud gardener moment)

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The Great Avocado Endeavour

This is my blog post on the infamous Avocado dye.

A quick over view of the dye is: You can use avocado skin (and pit but I will get to that later) to make a dye bath and the results are pink on cellulose fibres and cappuccino (or pink )colour on protein fibres.

(Here are someĀ avocado samples, the left row is from a weaker dye bath and the right one is from a moreĀ substantial dye bath)

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