Making a Shirt

Alright here is my first post about making clothing (in detail)! Before now all of my posts have just sort of haphazardly mentioned at the end of posts – basically just blips. No substance. And I thought that the shirt that I just finished making was worth talking about in detail so here we go.

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What I have been up to….

Oi vey! this past month I feel like I have both done a lot but also have done nothing… Do you ever have times where you feel like that? I do often. So in the past month I have been infatuated with the last imperial Tsar of Russia and his family (Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei). This stated with me watching Being John Malkovich… Strange I know but let me explain. So for those who don’t know in the film John Cusack plays a big creep (seriously he is very creepy) and I being the John Cusack lover that I am (High Fidelity being the only real reason for this) I couldn’t stand having him be Craig in my mind. I had to redeem him in my mind. So late one night I decided I had to watch a movie with him in it to do this. It was too late to start watching High Fidelity and I had remembered that John Cusack played Dimitri in the animated film Anastasia

Animated film poster

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Smells Like Perfume?

Well hello there friend. Yes I was away again but this time I have a legitimate reason… I was on vacation. Here’s a picture:

Looks dreadful doesn’t it? I know I simply had the most miserable time. Any who’s now I am back and ready to pick up my habits again. Well I can barely call this a habit but we will ignore that. I wish I had some more experimental dying to show you this week but out garden is rather short on dyestuff supplies.

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Drawing From Lessons

Tonight I had the rare chance to redo and correct something that didn’t end well last week. I am talking about curtains for my room that I tried dyeing using the steam bundle technique last week that didn’t end well. After all of my placing, tying, and seeing the frozen flowers colour begin to bleed onto the fabric; once I added the steam into the equation it went murky yellow-brown.

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An Excessive Amount of Updates

My box of dyeable fabric

                                                (My box of dyeable fabric) 

Oh my, I am now realizing that I have not updated this blog in over a month… And it’s not because I haven’t been experimenting or just sitting around on my tush. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve been dyeing, sewing, gardening, mordanting, being picky about fabric,  and crafting new ideas for new projects. Oi vey you can see I’ve been busy. Now where to start explaining what happened within those activities… I guess I will just break down each one briefly.

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The Great Avocado Endeavour

This is my blog post on the infamous Avocado dye.

A quick over view of the dye is: You can use avocado skin (and pit but I will get to that later) to make a dye bath and the results are pink on cellulose fibres and cappuccino (or pink )colour on protein fibres.

(Here are some avocado samples, the left row is from a weaker dye bath and the right one is from a more substantial dye bath)

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Impatient appreciation?


Despite last weeks endeavours this week there was not quite as much success. The growing season here is taking its time. No new blossoms have bloomed… unless dandelion blossoms count. However it has been raining the past few days and maybe that will give the garden that push it needs to get blooming in its full spring potential. Anyways for now, I am here impatiently waiting for the lilacs that are on their way here. I can see the buds  but none of them that are on our bush have opened yet and that is my next experiment. I want to try the flowers and some of the root as I am told the two give different colours.

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