Non-Traditional Dye Plant Essentials


Hello, in my last blog post I talked briefly about how for the last three years my garden has had the main focus of growing flowers for their dye results. I tested almost every flower in my garden, but especially the ones that were deep colours, and I have had some spectacular results as well as a lot of underwhelming ones. And I think I have come to a point where I can dial back the frantic obsession of trying every plant in my gardens dye potential as well as only buying plants that have intense colours for their dye potential.

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Changing Perspectives


Hello everyone, today I want to talk about those times when you work from home and you start to feel like the world is passing you by. Working from home does make life rather repetitive and closed in at some points. You feel that you have seen the same thing over and over. And you aren’t stimulated enough, which is important for artists and craftsmen. When this happens to me I feel like a need a change but it is hard to make a big change since I am a¬†creatures of habit. This feeling of being stagnant in my environment has been plaguing me for a few weeks now and I have been working at changing my perspective in simple ways and that is what I am sharing today.

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Creative Crossroads


Hello everyone, today I don’t have anything in particular to share, more or less I want to share my lack of things to share. As of late I seem to have been working but have not finished anything truly. And for me it feels like it has been a while since I have finished anything. Which is hard, as I like things done quick, which ironically is almost the exact opposite of most fibres techniques. When working my¬†preferred method is to have two or three projects going at once (and spending ample time on each) and finishing each project within a two-three week range.

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