Yay a semester down and so ready to take a break. I apologize for not posting but this semester I had a full course load and couldn’t scrape in the time to write a post. But now that everything is done I am ready to do a post. Yay we’ve made it to the other side of the rainbow!


(and at the end of that rainbow you find a Marshall kitty sitting on a dock)

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An Excessive Amount of Updates

My box of dyeable fabric

                                                (My box of dyeable fabric) 

Oh my, I am now realizing that I have not updated this blog in over a month… And it’s not because I haven’t been experimenting or just sitting around on my tush. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve been dyeing, sewing, gardening, mordanting, being picky about fabric,  and crafting new ideas for new projects. Oi vey you can see I’ve been busy. Now where to start explaining what happened within those activities… I guess I will just break down each one briefly.

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