Hello, I am L. C. Cariou and I am a Fine Arts student, with a focus on fibre arts. I enrolled in school thinking that painting would be my favourite class and fibres print and dye would be my “interesting and I learned something new” class but to my surprise I have become swept up by  fibre arts and want to continue that route.

My practice mainly consists of the use of  natural dyes as a base. But different methods and techniques come into play as I create.

L. C. Cariou artist statement (November 2015):

I draw upon early Edwardian (1901- 1918) clothing aesthetics because of its ornate and fitted qualities, which appeal to me. In books that take place in that time period the bits about the upcoming seasons clothing being made by the towns’ dressmaker for the characters always draws me in.

For me it actualizes the idea that things were more individual and made for a specific use when needed back then. Which is an idea that I try to incorporate into my practice. Because of this my work as a fibre artist focuses on functionality and craftsmanship. I make things that have practical uses, such as clothing and other textile objects and take pride in the slow craft techniques that are required in traditional fibres practices.

For materials I most often use natural fibres and dyes. This combined with the creation of practical things gives me a sense of self-sustainability, which I am particularly interested in. Rebecca Burgess, an American who sourced her entire wardrobe, material and colour, from within 150 miles of her house inspired me and brought my attention to these ideas. This combined with Edwardian fashion influences the aesthetics and patterns that I make as well as the colours that I use.


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