New Years Seed Sowing

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Happy New Years! I realize I forgot to say that in the last post. Sorry.  To bring in the new year I have begun to bring in new life! In the fall and before the holiday season I ordered perhaps way too many seeds for my garden next year. There are a lot of edibles in the mix, a lot more than last year. A lot of them are quite experimental at least for somewhere with harsh dry winters and is essentially a zone 3 at most. But I am determined to not let that scare me!


I made two orders. One from a company based on the West Coast of Canada and the other from Missouri USA. The seeds from Canada are much more traditional vegetables to grow, whereas the ones from the States are out there if you ask me. I got peanuts to plant! Will they grow I am not sure but I sure as cuss want to find out if I can!

I am not sowing all of the seeds now. I have come up with a plan for seed sowing intervals, so some now, some at the end of February, and then some at the end of April all as indoor seed starting. And the ones that I am starting now are the ones I will be taking about today.


Firstly, I’ll start with the flowers that I sowed as this is a relatively short list in comparison. All the flowers that I am sowing now are perennials. These include some Kiss Me Over The garden Gate flowers. They are meant to reach up to six feet in height so I figured I might as well start them now so that they can have the chance to grow as much as possible before planting out at the end of May.


Now let’s get into the uber-experimental seeds I am trying out. I have Job’s tears. Which are a herb/grain/vegetable/ ornamental bead (you can use them as rosary beads, but that is not my intention). If successful I want to eat them since they sound like they might be similar to eating pine nuts a bit, though they are not a nut. Then I have two types of cotton I am attempting to grow. The first is an Arkansas Green Lint and the second is a red foliated white lint. I am growing one for the colour of the lint, which is a soft green, and the other for the look of the plant that had deep burgundy foliage and beautiful white petals. My fingers are crossed that I will get some cotton out of the plants as that would be most exciting! Also being able to say that I spun cotton that I grew would be great and is yet just a pipe dream.


The cotton and the Job’s tears are the two most exotic things that I am growing. Then we get into edibles. They are not particularly exotic just new to me and I do not know many people in my area that grow these edibles. The first is Red Head Quinoa, I am not a big quinoa eater but I loved the vivid colour of the plant. and hope that it at the very most provides some colour in my garden. The next is Scarlet kale, it is really purple not scarlet. But nonetheless I want to grow it again not because I eat a ton of it but more for the colour it can provide my garden but I wouldn’t mind getting a kale salad or two out of it. Next on the vegetable list is Imperial Star Artichoke. I love eating artichokes but I also enjoy the architectural nature of the plants.

For all of these plants I know it might seem like I am sowing them awfully early but since I have never grown them before I thought I might try to start seedlings at a few different times over the year. So a few now, a few in late February, and some in late April just to see which ones do the best as a bit of a trial.


Next I have my hollyhocks. I have my Nigra Hollyhocks and Majorette Double Champagne Hollyhocks. I want both for the colour, but only the Nigra hollyhocks for dyeing since they give blue tones. The champagne coloured hollyhocks are because I have been really into both peach and champagne coloured flowers recently. I also sowed some cousins of the Hollyhocks, which are Mallow’s. Aka Marshmallows. They look very similar to Hollyhocks, though the flowers are white with pink centres. The seeds are much smaller than those of Hollyhocks. Mallow seeds are fine and flat like sesame seeds but are shaped like semi-moons. The leaves and stems of Mallows are edible (I am sort of afraid of how they will taste), but are mainly used for medicinal purposes such as dry coughs and indigestion troubles. i really honestly just thought the plant looked nice and that is why I decided to grow it.


I sowed the seeds of the peppers I bought last summer, Filus Blue Peppers. As well as some seeds from one of the bell peppers I grew last summer, I am not sure if they will do anything but I might as well try. But I amorally more excited for the Filus Blue because the idea of having blue/purple peppers excites me.


Then lastly I have something that reminds me a bit of rosehips, which is Thai Red Roselle. I am mainly interested in its colour properties as it is often used to colour drinks a cranberry red. This makes me wonder if it could be used as a natural dye, which I can find out this summer/fall if I am successful with the seeds.



And that takes us to the end of this January seed sowing session. I’ll let you know how the seedlings (if I have any) are getting on in February when I do the second round of seed starting. Which will mainly consist of tomatoes and annual flowers.


Happy New Years!




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