Garden Cuttings


This year was the first time I have been taking cuttings from my garden for propagating. This is a whole other world opening up. And I think it is dangerous for me… It might have just become easier for me to have plants everywhere. Also the cheapskate within me also really enjoys this, because imagine never having to buy another oregano plant! But I know taking cuttings is nothing new, but it is awfully exciting for a first time cutting taker. 


I have been watching my favourite gardening show, Gardener’s World, dedicatedly since last September when I discovered it. I love this show and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is educational, full of simple tasks that make you a better gardener and lot’s of inspiration. And at this time of year the show is packed with taking cuttings from various plants and general propagation methods for gardens next year. So naturally I decided to give it a try.


Most of my cuttings I took from herbs so that I don’t have buy replacements next year as herbs do not usually come back after our harsh winters. And our herb cuttings consist of purple sage, rosemary, oregano, lavender, and mint (chocolate mint is our favourite type of mint). I consulted the Gardener’s World website for how to take cuttings from these various herbs as some have woody stems and others have tender stems. I also read two ways of taking oregano cuttings so I’ve decided to try both.


One way is to take the cuttings, strip them, and put them in gritty compost. The second way is to take the stripped cuttings, and place them in water until they root. I took my cuttings almost three weeks ago and the ones in water have yet to root and I am unsure of the ones in the compost still. But I will say that my mint cuttings have almost all rooted , and nothing has happened on my oregano cuttings… I am not giving up yet but just wondering if roots will form soon and thinking that if they do root I will have an excess of oregano plants.


I also have taken cuttings from the black petunia that I grow and use for my natural dyeing. I have been collecting a bit of seed from the plant as well but I am unsure if it is one of those plants that is a hybrid where the seeds will perform differently from the plant you buy, so I am covering all my ground and hopefully next year I will have both the cuttings and some seed started plants.


I have also taken some cuttings from more experimental plants. I took some from our fern peony. I do hope they do take root. It would make me feel like a budget master as the plants usually sell for a hefty 89.00$ where I live. So taking cuttings would make me feel like I cheated the system (it also helps that the original plant that we have was bought for a super deal). And I also did something that I am not particularly proud of but I took a hydrangea cutting from a plant in someone else’s yard. I have never seen a hydrangea like it at any of the nurseries in my city… So I took a cutting. Maybe if my fern peony cuttings work out I will leave one on their porch for them as an exchange they will never truly understand.


Overall most of my cuttings have survived. Not too many of them have dried out. Mainly I think the lavender cuttings are the ones that have dried up most. Maybe it has something to do with the plastic bags over them. I can’t really see what is going on underneath them. And I don’t want to remove them quite yet as I don’t know if they have fully rooted as of yet. But I think they are close to having a new root system since they are starting to make new tiny baby leaves. So I might take a few new cuttings to replace the ones that did not succeed.


That’s my journey with cuttings so far. Hopefully I will keep you updated on how that is going soon (but not too soon as I want them to look like they have grown the next time you see them) and by soon I’m thinking either thanksgiving or at christmas.

What experiences have you had with taking cuttings?







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