Fall/Winter Wardrobe: Made and Done! (Part 2)


Hello, here is part two of my finished fall/winter wardrobe. So this post consists of two shirts one Edwardian inspired and the other Rococo/ Marie Antoinette inspired. One is cotton and the other is my usual silk-cotton blend with chiffon. One is purple one is blue. I’m running out of ways in which to sum up their differences in obvious or one word descriptions. So I’ll just jump in and describe the shirts in their full, from dyes to sewing features to overall look and inspirations!


I’ll start with the Edwardian cotton shirt. I used organic cotton for this shirt because I’m trying to be nicer to the environment and my skin and I’m becoming very ethically conscious about where my fibres come from but that is a story for another day. Anyways the organic cotton was just a very nice quality and one I wanted to use so I used it, it was thin and soft yet opaque, a good combination if you ask me. I wound up  making the shirt using three layers of the cotton just to make sure it would not be see through (most of my shirts are just two layers). I only dyed the top layer of the shirt as the dye technique is a bit unpredictable.

PC160265 (1).jpg

For the dyeing I did a soya solution berry bundle dye. This is basically when you make the soya solution, dip your fabric into it, lay out the fabric, spread the berries you are using (frozen blueberries and fresh blackberries in my case) in desired places (if you’ve cut out the pattern pieces for the garment before the dyeing), roll into a bundle, and wrap the soya berry fabric bundle in plastic so no air can get to it. I left this for a few days before unwrapping.


For sewing features this shirt has pin tucks on the belt, shell hemlines on the neckline and hem, and tuck releases on the skirt. All of these were a first for me and I like all three. I like the detail they added and they do remind me of the Edwardian look I was going for. I was looking at a lot of Edwardian corset covers and night gowns when I thought up this design, hence the cotton and the details (ideally there would have been lace but I am not a lace maker… yet!).


Next is the Rococo inspired shirt. I’m sharing the photo that inspired this one because it makes the explaining a lot simpler, so here is the direct inspiration from the Marie Antoinette film:


Alright, I admit that I mostly took inspiration from the colours of this dress but i consider the double-edged ruffle neckline another inspiration. For the dyes I used black hollyhocks for the blue  (I will do a post on that in detail later) and a mix of cochineal, madder, and lac for the red. And for the chiffon layer I wax my Russian folk art pattern onto it. This was a challenge using the emulsified wax as the first time I tried using the hollyhock dye on the waxed fabric it was a complete fail. The wax flaked off and the fabric absorbed no colour. Then the second time I tried it worked better but it still wasn’t what I completely wanted. There is always next time to strive for.


I also added another sassy sash bloom combo on the side hip of the belt. I added a sash bow to another shirt a while ago and I really liked it so it makes a bit of a transformation and reappears here!


They make me very happy. This brings us to the conclusion of my me-made fall/winter wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time!





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