The Plains and The Sames


Hello everyone! Today is a bit of a different post but it is something I think is important for me to share. The purpose of this post is to share an embroidery piece that I made and have dedicated to the prairies as a sort of gift to the Canadian prairies. The prairies is something  that I feel very close to (as you can see if you read my poem artist statement) and that is what this piece, The Plains and The Sames is conveying. Please enjoy!


What I tell the prairies…


A year ago someone told me that there were two types of people: mountain people and ocean people.

I felt neither; neither of them speaks to me.

The first time I saw the ocean I was eleven, and I grew up by the mountains but I never went to them.

It is the prairies that I know.

The plains and the sames.


Your flat horizon line, your vast sky,

your clouds, your sun, your light,

your fields, your rows,

your highways;

all repeat as I cross you.

The plains and the sames.

But each is good. Each is needed. Each has a purpose. Each is Beautiful.

 P9040233 (1).jpg

I admire your generosity.

You give bountiful fields to the farmers that sow seeds in your soil.

You give bountiful fields for farmers to live.

You allow them to build on you. You allow them to change you.

The farm buildings, the silos, the leaning buildings of past pioneers.

You hang on to those changes.

You hang onto their work. You hang onto their labour.


You take care of all the beings. You care for the animals. You care for the people. You care for the lives.


You are a place of no judgement, a place of solitude.


And each morning I look to the east and think of you. Each morning I look to the east and yearn for you. Each morning I look to the east and wish I were with you.

P9040260.jpg P9040249.jpg


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the piece, until next time!

Sincerely, L. C. Cariou


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