My September Garden


Hello everyone! I cannot believe that it is already September but it is. And with the month the garden is looking strong in some parts and weak in others as it always does because it is hard to get a good full season show. Though the season is not over school is beginning soon for me again and I know I will not have enough much time to muck about in the garden so I am trying my best to clean up the last few things in the garden before school starts. Like taking out some over-grown daylilies, moving a couple of last plants in hopes of a better year next year, and beginning to harvest things. Through all the work there are still a few new flowers that are blooming which is exciting! But I can’t deny that the growing season is winding down. Which saddens me, however I am beginning to savor the days again as the trees are beginning to turn yellow and fall to the ground.


Is anyone torn by the beginning of fall? I know I am as it signifies the end of the buds and blooms but the beginning of a satisfying harvest. But I’ll start off with the things that are still growing or just beginning to start flowering in the garden because new life is always a nice topic. My sunflowers finally began flowering! I know that I didn’t plant them in the best spot as the soil is of a poor quality again the fence, but I knew they would flower and wouldn’t get too tall, which was important to me. My sunflowers look happy on the whole and like they will all start to flower soon!


We have a mystifying situation going on with the crabapple tree that we have. It has a few blossoms again in a few places. Normally the tree flowers once and is one of the first things to flower but that is not the case here. We were very confused by the flowers so we did a quick bit of research and apparently if there is a drought early in the year followed by a bit of rain the trees may get new buds and that is exactly what happened here as we had a hot dry early season and rainy summer months.



Another unexpected thing in the back garden is that some of the hollyhock seeds that I planted this year look like they are going to flower! When I planted them I thought that they would only grow leaves this year and flower next year but it looks like about three plants have buds on them! I do hope that our weather is nice enough to let them flower over the next month or so. Fingers crossed.



As for the front gardens flowers I am pleased to announce that one of my dahlia plants has started flowering! For the past two years I have not had very good luck with dahlias, they seem to be my Achilles heel. I love the look of the flowers but I just don’t seem to have any luck with them and that goes for starting from seed and buying the plants. My seeds never sprouted and my plants are still the same size as when I bought them at the beginning of the season. So if you have any dahlia growing tips please feel free to tell me! But I am considering trying zinnias next year because they have a similar look to the dahlias but I may have more success with them.


My sweet peas also started flowering during August, they started a bit late again like the sunflowers. I think this is mainly due to location, where I planted them is not the best however I do like the place that they are in. I planted them up against our lilac bush where they don’t get the most sun but they do get enough sun. The area they are in is tricky because planting low laying flowers don’t cover the base of the lilac bush enough but tall flowers tend not to get enough sun. However I think I would still plant them there next year because they do add nice colours in the late summer. Maybe next year I should just plant then in two places!


In the front garden nothing else new is really happening, however I do have a new love of tobacco flowers, the red ones to be specific. I planted them in a bare patch of the garden later in the summer and once they established themselves they went crazy and I really like them with their fiery star shapes. I would plant them surrounded by petunias next time because the juxtaposition of shapes would be interesting. They are both similar but different at the same time. After that I think much is the same in the front garden, the snapdragons are still blooming, so are the black-eyed Susan’s and Echinacea, etc. Things just look happier now that the rain has stopped and have had some touches of sunshine.



Near the end of August I also got to start harvesting my breadseed poppies! It isn’t that exciting but it is exciting at the same time. But it is oddly satisfying to crack open the seed pods and see the dried poppy sprinkles pour out in masses. It is like having a lot of edible confetti parties minus the party. Or you could argue these are the best kinds of parties because they are the antisocial edible kinds of parties.


Other things are also getting harvested from the garden, such as tomatoes and carrots. I love when you go to pick tomatoes and you come away from the plants smelling strongly of the tomato plant and you can smell it on your hands and arm later in the day. We planted so many carrots this year that I think we’ll have to pickle them if we don’t go on a mad carrot-eating rampage. I did make carrot cake jam that was very good but it only used one or two cups of carrots, which doesn’t use up nearly as many carrots as you would think.   There are also herbs being harvested, like the chocolate mint, which is extremely happy in its planter. I have already harvested three bundles and it looks like I’ll get another one or two before the season ends, and the oregano, which is doing all right but is getting crowded a bit. Maybe I’ll try it in a planter next year as well.


There are already so many things to think about for next year. Do any of you already have a list of things to do next year and things to not do or things to try differently? I know I already have those lists going and hope to finalize while I still remember. But takes us to the end of the current September garden. Hopefully I will still have a garden flowering next month, fingers crossed that it doesn’t freeze or snow. But I hope you enjoyed the pictures and until next time!







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