The Adventures of Knitting a Sweater (Part 2 – Finale)

P8180078 (1).jpg

Hello everyone, this is the last installment of my first every knitting project which was a sweater. You can read the exposition and part 1 here and hereI am happy to have finally finished this project but it did take some time to finish it. I believe I started it in June and had all but one sleeve done because I had run out of the yarn I was using for the project. But since then I have gotten the yarn, knit the sleeve, and assembled the sweater with a few trials and tribulations.


When I finally got my yarn in the mail I quickly ripped it open and was slightly nervous because the colour was much darker than the rest of my yarn. The yarn was labeled as the exact same yarn but I think it was the “new” yarn was from a different dye lot, as I know it is very difficult to replicate a dye lot colour exactly so I don’t blame the company. I think overall I just learned my lesson to buy all the yarn you need for a project at once rather than buying as you go.


Also when I looked closely at the two yarns side by side the paler yarn that I initially bought was thicker than the later yarn. I didn’t do a gauge test but I am pretty positive there is a difference because as I was knitting I had to do more rows on the second sleeve. But I noticed this difference a bit later in my knitting and this is where I ran into a few problems.


I had followed the instructions no issue until the last four top inches of the sleeve. At the beginning of those top few inches I was trying to measure the width against the finished sleeve and it was hard to tell if they were truly equal despite having the same amount of stitches. I kept going and adding stitches until the second sleeve was the same width and the same length for a few extra rows and then I bound off thinking that they were the same. I was wrong. Holding up the two sleeves together at this point showed that they were uneven so I knew I was tasked with the job of putting my knitting back on the needles.


I can’t really explain how I put the knitting back on the needles. I tried following a video but it didn’t seem to work for me so I just pulled one stitch out and placed it on my needle and went along like that. After that my stitches were backwards on the needle so I would take a stitch off my needle flip it, return it back on the needle and then knit it. I only had to do this for the first row I knit after putting the knitting back on the needles after that it was smooth sailing.


After all that shenanigans all my pieces were knit and it was time to assemble the sweater. I found this very fun because it didn’t take too long to do and the stitches were not as microscopic as the stitches I use for hemming or finishing my shirts. It was the fun part after my final sleeve dilemma.

P8180072 (3).jpg

In the end I think that the sweater was somewhat a sucess. It isn’t a beautiful sweater but I think it is good for a first project and I learned my lesson to buy all the yarn at once. And that takes us to the end of the knitting adventures of a first sweater! Maybe next time I’ll do something smaller or maybe I’ll do another sweater. I don’t know at this point but I do want to knit some more in the future. I’ll have to dwell on that thought for a while and until then,




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