My August Garden


Hello everyone, august is here and it is time to see what is new in the garden since last month. I love the mid-summer flowers that start appearing in the garden because they tend to be the ones with the deeper and more vivid colours. However the gardens were hit by a hailstorm at the end of July and things looked a little depleted for a handful of days but then things started to perk up again! So let’s see what’s growing!


Let’s start in the back garden, aka the vegetable garden that has way too many flowers growing in it. My hollyhock finally started flowering and the mystery of its colour is now over and it is black (or just a really deep purple)! This makes me very happy because that means I can make a blue dye from them, which I am ecstatic about! But they are also beautiful flowers as they have a mysterious haunting quality because of the deep colour. I did plant more black hollyhocks from seed this year and while they are growing they have not started flowering yet, hopefully next year they will. Fingers crossed for then and cheers to future blue dyes.


Also in the back yard my bread seed poppies I didn’t get to see them in full bloom as I was away on holiday but I did catch the beginning and the last tailing blooms and I love the flowers themselves with an innocent pale colour. They are as close to what I am getting for a ghost white poppy this year and I suppose that is okay. But enough about the flower the important part here is the seedpods as they are the ones that hold what will become baking poppy seeds. I am surprised at how abundant they are but being the first time that I have planted these I am unsure how many poppy seeds to estimate all I hope for is at least one batch of baking from them.



On another note however still in the poppy family we have a yellow California poppy that has been growing there for the past couple of years and this year it had a baby poppy! A small tiny orange poppy! I am pretty excited about that… Well as a gardener I am always happy to see seed babies growing so long as they are not weed babies (I am looking at you yarrow).


And lastly for the backyard I planted a full-sized bee balm. If you remember from a couple of posts ago I had planted a dwarf bee balm that was pink. Well I went back to the plant store and they had big red ones that look like Pépé the king prawn from the Muppets and I bought it since he is my favourite Muppet (next to Miss Piggy).


Now let’s jump to the full flower garden. I can’t say that much has changed since last month other than the fact that it is clear that the garden has past its peak season. But nonetheless there are a few new things up in the garden like the daylilies and sweet peas.


I know that daylilies are not the most amusing topic of conversation because it always seems like people are saying that lilies are their favourite. Truthfully they remind me of peony people who can talk about nothing but peonies and have gardens of only peonies (talk about limiting your garden to a time frame); I digress. Anyhow generally I find lilies in the same category as peonies but this year we had a new lily that we had planted last year bloom. They are this beautiful pale apricot colour with deep burgundy centres (remember when I said that the flowers around this time of year are vivid? Well it seems there are still some pale flowers as well). Maybe I like them because they are refreshing since they aren’t your traditional orange lilies.


Then lastly in the garden there are things that were just beginning to bloom last month that are now coming along very nicely. Like the black eyed susan! The specific variety that we have is called an Echibeckia Summerina “Yellow” I think that it is the perfect replacement for all the daisies that I took out and the flowers last so long! The one that had bloomed at the end of June is still alive the only difference now is that the petals have deepened in colour to a rusty colour. There is also the coral echinacea that I planted in June that is beautiful and I like it a lot better than the pepto bismol coloured one that we had before.


I think that is enough chitchat about what’s growing as the rest of the flowers in the garden are perennials that I planted this year but won’t flower until next year and that isn’t a very interesting read. And all there is left to do for the summer is just the usual maintenance, doing what I can to put the garden to sleep before classes start, and harvesting petals for dyeing.


Until next time,








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