The Adventures of Knitting a Sweater


Hello everyone, as I mentioned a while ago I have been teaching myself how to knit and was starting off with a sweater as my first true project. You can read my first post on the subject here. Now I haven’t quite finished the project as I have run out of yarn (please excuse me I am a rookie knitter here) and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail since the yarn store ran out of the yarn I was using. But all I have left to do is one sleeve, the ties, and sewing the whole thing together. So in the meantime I thought that I would share what I have done!


Up until this point I have the back, the two front sides, and one sleeve finished. Thankfully all of which look how they are supposed to.


For all of these pieces I used three balls of Misty Alpacas’ best of Nature worsted baby alpaca yarn. I really enjoy using this yarn, as it was easy to knit. It’s easy to undo when I made mistakes and felt soft and warm which are all qualities that I like and think are good.


I didn’t find that I had too many issues with the actual knitting. I felt that I had good tension and remembered to relax and not pull the yarn to tight. And if I didn’t know how to do things I used YouTube to find out how to do them. For example I always forgot how to add a stitch to the end of my knitting and I would watch a two-minute video to recollect the steps. It’s great for beginner knitters like myself especially since books seem to struggle with explaining each step never mind showing it… Like this pamphlet I found in the basement:


I’m sorry but I am not going to learn how to knit by reading these steps. I would start reading them and think that I knew what they were talking about and then realize that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.


The only true issue that I had was somehow knitting a hole on the first piece (the back piece) I knit for this sweater. I believe that this happened because I did the purl stitch backwards somewhere (clockwise opposed to counterclockwise). I soon figured this out and didn’t have the same problem again. I was very proud to figure out how to undo stitches on my own with no video after this.


I see the end in sight and am excited to finish this project and can’t wait for the yarn to arrive. Then I only have the issue of sewing the whole thing together, which I am a bit nervous about to be honest, as I have never done something like that before. But I will tell you how that goes when I conquer that mountain. That is all for now,




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