My July Garden


Hello everyone, I can’t believe that it is July already! I’m not sure about you but June seemed like a long month to me. But I am excited that it is finally July as the vegetable garden really started to take off in the last week of June and everything is growing at super speed now. I was away that week and I was amazed when I came back at how much everything had grown, I think that happens to every gardener in summertime. As for the front garden the big exotic irises and poppies have finished flowering and have been replaced with other beautiful flowers, like snap dragons!


I’ll start this post off with a look at the vegetable garden. All the seeds I planted seem to be coming up wonderfully. Except for my flax that was upset by a busy co gardener (and I am not talking about squirrels who seem to love rearranging things). It is still growing but is no longer growing in the neat rows I had planted it in… However everything else seems to be doing well. The bread seed poppies are about seven inches tall, the carrots and tomatoes are growing, the raspberries are ripening, and some of the herbs are getting their first harvests.


(Bread seed poppy plants. I saw one getting a bud already!)






Also in the vegetable garden I have planted some hollyhocks and sunflowers which I intend to use for natural dyeing (I might use the sunflower seeds for food but we will see). I started these seedlings a bit late but they are coming up well. The sunflowers are eight inches tall and the hollyhocks are now distinguishable from the weeds that grow around them!


I do have one hollyhock plant that I bought last year that didn’t flower then but is going to make its botanical debut this year as it has some buds! I don’t remember if this one gives black or red flowers since I got three plants and only one flowered last year (it had ruffly pink flowers). I will be happy with either and am excited to start drying its flowers.


In the flower garden we have some pretty amazing colours happening. We have all this creeping thyme that is in full bloom now. Most of it is purple but we do have some white as well. It is always a favourite because all the bees love it. During the day you can see dozens of them buzzing around it! I also enjoy all the violas that have started to pop up in the thyme, it makes me happy. Despite the fact that I know they are a sort of weed but I don’t have the heart to dig them out as they just add touches of colour all throughout the garden.




Our black-eyed Susan has gotten its first flower finally! When we first got it looked like the flower would open in a week but that was three weeks ago. Who knew they took so long to bloom? And I am very happy with the variety that we got. Now it has tons of blooms so I am hoping it to flower until the end of the summer since it takes so long for the flowers to open.



I am also very excited to see that the dwarf bee balm that I planted is flowering now and I love it! I have started to notice the full sized plants in other peoples’ yards. I think the spiky hair on them is fantastic, it reminds me of Pepe the King Prawn from the Muppets. The big red ones I mean… Which I now have added to my list of things to plant for next year!


Another exciting thing that is happening in the garden is that our portulaca has had babies! I am surprised as we have planted portulaca every single year in the garden and it has never had babies before. I think the seeds for these came from the plants that we had last year, since we had such a long indian summer last year (it didn’t truly snow until November). We left them for a while to get big enough to move and spread out, and now I hope they do well in their new places and provide a bit of ground cover.




That brings us to the end of the excitements of the garden. Lots of things are still getting buds, like: the bottle brush plants, the echinacea, daylilies, etc. And some other things still need to grow a bit taller before they start to flower, like the sweet peas.



But that seems to be about it so I will leave my rambling there and just give you some more beautiful flowers to enjoy!







I hope you enjoyed all the flowers, until next time!







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