Prairie Bliss


Hello everyone, today I am sharing a place that I knew has always impacted me as an artist but has been hard for me to articulate as a subject and that is the Saskatchewan prairies. I do not live there but it has been a crucial part of my upbringing. I have always travelled to them but had never truly appreciated to its capacity until I moved to Montréal. Also up north there is my small quaint paradise of a cabin that has many special memories and is where I say the beginnings of my practice as a painter started. This is what I want to share with you today.



I guess I’ll start with my true realization of how I came to feel this love for the prairies. I am used to big open skies and vast horizons, it is where I feel the most comfortable. Whereas for me Montréal felt condensed, industrial and like I could never quite get enough nature to satisfy me. I always say that I didn’t like Montréal as I could never see the sky. This might sound odd to some but I am used to seeing prairie flats where the sky never ends… And in Montréal there was never a big enough sky for me there was always a bridge or a peninsula park in my way. It was during this time that I began to understand my connection with the prairies.


When I was homesick I would go to google earth and look up the highways and act as if I was taking those road trips to the lake where the cabin is. I think the reason I love it so much is because of all the diverse nature that is there. Among the flats there are so many critters that you can find it’s amazing!



Also at the cabin that was where I did my first copy of a Studio Ghibli film watercolour painting. It was the yellow bakery Kiki goes to live at in Kiki’s delivery Service:


From there my practice worked at trying to refine those detailed watercolours, then I moved onto fibres and natural dyeing and now I seem to have made a bit of a return to watercolours. For a long time I had wanted to paint my own images based off of pictures that I took and now I feel as if I have done enough copies and learned how to draw so that I can do these types of works. But enough of my talk I want to share the pictures I have and hope you feel at least a bit of he magic I do.









I hope you enjoyed and were transcended a bit of the magic of nature. I know I was and it makes me twice as excited for my trip there soon! Until next time!





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