Changing Perspectives


Hello everyone, today I want to talk about those times when you work from home and you start to feel like the world is passing you by. Working from home does make life rather repetitive and closed in at some points. You feel that you have seen the same thing over and over. And you aren’t stimulated enough, which is important for artists and craftsmen. When this happens to me I feel like a need a change but it is hard to make a big change since I am a creatures of habit. This feeling of being stagnant in my environment has been plaguing me for a few weeks now and I have been working at changing my perspective in simple ways and that is what I am sharing today.


One thing (which I think is sort of obvious) is that I try to leave the house at least once a day everyday so that I am not looking at the four same walls and to get in touch with nature, which I feel that I need to engage with as it is such a part of my art practice. But I again have the same walking route that I take everyday which in turn has begun to feel like the same four walls of the house.


So to solve this I have been trying out new routes as well as doing my usual route backwards. New walking routes are always welcome and interesting as you get to discover a new part of your area. You can see new yards, see new houses and critique these to make it interesting. And as a way to engage and think about the stimulating “new” surroundings you travel through. But I don’t want to think up of a new route everyday as some walks I only want to dedicate a certain known amount of time to…


On these days  I have begun practicing what I am calling “Locomotive Cubism”. In this I see things that I am familiar with but I see it differently as I am coming at them from a different direction. For those that are not familiar with Analytical Cubism this is when the artists draw one stagnant object from several different perspectives, then fragmenting these perspectives and piecing them together into a representation of the object. So taking that idea of exploring different perspectives is how I came up with the name Locomotive Cubism.


And these walks are good for the simple everyday fixes for not feeling imprisoned by your house. But I find at least once a week if not more I like to go and explore a different sort of place, a destination is you will. This may mean going to an art exhibit, going to an event, or even just going and poking around stores. It is the people watching that I am most interested in getting out of this. But this doesn’t mean striking up a conversation with someone it means more just observing human nature.


Another thing that I have just begun and am very excited about is the 12 week “course” presented in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way – A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity. This book was recommended to me by my Mom as a way to stimulate my brain since I have been feeling stuck lately. Each week is a new lesson in the course there are various different tasks to do throughout each week and each week is supposed to be a step towards your creative recovery. I’m not sure if my creativity needs recovering but I am excited to see what I get out of this. If I get higher creativity that would be great or hopefully just a new perspective that feels fresh.


I am excited about one of the tasks this week, which is: to live the week like you are *blank*. So I could live life-like an explorer, an author, a farmer, etc. It is whatever I want. But this will be interesting. What will I pick? The options are endless and how can I just pick one?


Another way I feel like I am getting out more than I am is to read novels. Again I think this is obvious in a way because you can plunge yourself into whatever book you are reading. Currently I am working through A Tangled Web  by L. M. Montgomery again. Which is rather entertaining with the rather dithery characters.



And the last thing I am going to mention is to sit and observe nature for periods of time. Understand how it works. The lines the flowers have. The behaviour of the squirrels and cats that come to visit you. The way everything interacts with each other. The care which plants need to live and how they react to different types of treatment.


These are the easy day-to-day things to do for changing perspectives when you work from home too much, until next time.



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