Creative Crossroads


Hello everyone, today I don’t have anything in particular to share, more or less I want to share my lack of things to share. As of late I seem to have been working but have not finished anything truly. And for me it feels like it has been a while since I have finished anything. Which is hard, as I like things done quick, which ironically is almost the exact opposite of most fibres techniques. When working my preferred method is to have two or three projects going at once (and spending ample time on each) and finishing each project within a two-three week range.

Scan 1.jpg

However it has been a while since I have finished a true project, like a painting. I’ve been focusing more on ongoing things like gardening and natural dye tests. But these types of projects are a bit more ongoing and don’t give the same gratification as more definite projects do. I find it easy to get dejected at this point and procrastinate but that is when I have to just prioritize and work through my projects one by one and try to enjoy them.



Yesterday I was feeling this way of not accomplishing anything even despite having just finished a shirt the night before. Maybe it was because The shirt is made of silk mainly and is therefore fairly warm and the past two days have been a premature summer heat wave (I believe it was +29 yesterday), so working on this made my hands even warmer which I did not appreciate and I did not want to wear it either (again it being too hot).


Or maybe it was because I had finished the shirt last week and only had the hems to do and I couldn’t get around to finishing the project until a few nights ago. So there was no rush of working and having that final tada! It was more like a final taduhhhhh, then I passed out in the heat and I couldn’t really be excited about having finished the shirt.


Yesterday I had to stop myself from being dejected and actually have joy in the making of something. A few weeks ago I began working on two watercolours that are a bit out of my comfort zone. As one uses really bright fluorescent colours that I don’t normally work with and the other has a mass of rippling water, which I find difficult to capture, and am trying desperately not to make it look over worked. Generally when I come to this type of crossroad I cast the project(s) aside for a few days (or weeks in this case).


I knew that I had to get out of this slump. So I took my painting outside with my music and painted. And I have to say that I had a rather nice time. I relaxed and took my time; problem solved, and enjoyed my backyard. And most importantly I stopped imagining them being done already and focused on the making.


My conclusion of this crossroad feeling is that it is always nice to get that feeling that yes you have finished something and you now have a finished product. But there are times where you don’t get that feeling of tada or it feels like you are just not accomplishing anything. But in those times slow down and just enjoy the making process, which is where most of the artists’ interaction is and what the audience looks for.


Until next time (and with something a bit more interesting hopefully),Adieu!

What do you do when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything or do those feelings not both you?

Do you enjoy seeing the artists’ interaction with the materials?

How do you overcome procrastination?







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