An Exposition in Knitting


Hello everyone, yesterday I began a knitting project. Before the semester ended I had the idea to take up knitting as I am an avid cardigan lover. But a cardigan lover of a very specific cut. I like a square neck line, three-quarter length sleeves, and a cropped length for my cardigans. These are the ones I am instantly attracted to and I used to be able to find in stores quite readily but not in the past couple of years so I decided that I would take up knitting in order to satisfy and provide for myself.


My history with knitting involves it being a brief hobby when I was nine years old and only learning the knit stitch. I mainly gave it up because I got frustrated that I somehow kept adding stitches to my ends and I couldn’t figure how I was doing it so I couldn’t figure out how to stop doing it. And I had no one readily round who was a knitter so getting advise or lessons was not in the cards at the time (also this was pre YouTube so there weren’t any videos to help the learning). And my nine-year old self got very frustrated by this dilemma so I gave up knitting.


But fast forward to the present where I have more patience, I have done the research and taught myself the basics, and I have a pattern to make. The pattern I chose is a sweater. I would not call it a cardigan as there is just a tie at the front. And the pattern has none of the characteristics of my favourite cardigans that I described above. I thought that those sounded a bit too daunting as a first project so I opted for something looser and is made up of separate pieces. I hope in the end this makes my life easier.


The pattern I am using is by Lion Brand Yarn and is called sophisticated Options Cardigan, I found it free here (you find the pattern link at the bottom of the page under the sweater category). And it already looks like it has seen better days haha. It comes with a scarf pattern which I am not going to make as I am only interested in sweaters and I’ve decided on some changes already. You would think I would wait until I had some real knitting experience before I started changing things but no that is not how I roll. The length of the pattern is a bit too long for me so I may shorten it a bit as it seem like it will be longer than I would want it. So I have to remember how much I shorten it for when I do the front pieces.


The pattern was designed for a certain yarn that Lion Brand makes. But I decided to go for something different. I went for a worsted alpaca wool that is very soft. While I was in the store I was telling myself anything white, soft and made of natural fibres as I thought I would dye the yarn myself to stick with my morals (and I didn’t want to use any of the wool I had spun myself yet. I will save that for when I have more experience). But the store I was at had a collection of alpaca yarns that were naturally dyed!


It took some convincing from my Mom (because dyeing is fun for me) but I did get the pre-naturally dyed yarn and I am very happy with it. The dye used was onion skins (it says on the back of the label) and it is a very different colour from what I would have normally chosen. Typically I go for bleu sweaters and I generally don’t wear yellows as I think it clashes with my red hair. But over the past year I have slowly introduced yellows into my closet in the form of the shirts that I have made. But this is the first yellow-green sweater for me and I don’t think I could be any more pleased (also I think the colour will match the new shirt that I made wonderfully).

FotorCreatPic 1ed.jpg

So far I am just working on the back piece. And I have only made a few minor mistakes that are barely visible and I think it is only fair to have a few mistakes on your first piece. And I haven’t added any unintentional stitches! So all is going well and when I am done I’ll do another post on the finished sweater.



Until next time, adieu!



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