Year one

Wow I can’t believe I have been writings posts for over a year… Wow that is just crazy to me. Also in rereading my first post I seemed to have been a lot more relaxed at the time. Even though I know I probably was the complete opposite. I am also reflecting on all that has changed since that time.

In in the past year I really got into a good constant work schedule. I have done a lot more natural dyeing (and have started to experiment with different effects on the cloth), I make clothes, I weave, I draw (that’s a huge one for me as I was never much of a drawer and I had a strong dislike for it), I correspond with my relatives via snail mail.

And sadly at the beginning of the month we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Marshall,  he went very unexpectedly and he went as he lived. We all miss him greatly and love him a lot. And I’m glad I came back home and had this great year with him. I’ll love him forever.

P1080855.jpg IMG_0534.jpg


Here is the obituary that my Dad wrote for him:

We are heartbroken to tell you that our beloved Marshall passed away Tuesday, April 5th after a tragic accident. 

Marshall embodied in all ways what it meant to be a cat. He would climb trees and explore rooftops. He would slink stealthily through the bushes to playfully surprise you, and strut down the street like he owned it. He was curious and fearless, perhaps not the best combination as at least a couple of skunks will attest. He could hunt with the best of them, and sad to say many mice, voles, birds and rabbits lost their lives. It always felt like he could fend for himself and live off the land if needed, like a real cat would.

At the same time Marshall had his domestic side. He was handsome and regal even when he had to wear a cone around his head, the result of some misadventure. He was so friendly the whole street knew his name. Strangers would stop to stroke him as he rolled on the ground for a tummy rub. And some even took his picture. Marshall would eat with us, sleep with us, and watch movies with us. He kept us company with his purrs, and sometimes with his insistence on getting his way. Marshall truly became a member of our family for the past 16 years. 

P8010519.jpg P3010392.jpg

And next post will be back to our normal posts. Until next time.



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