Second Year Down

In my last post I thought that my next post would be about my winter coat that I am making… But that post will have to be for another day as I am still not finished it and I do not know when I  will have it done… Soon hopefully as school is done and it is lying at the top of my pile of things to do. Between school and school I just didn’t have the time to be thinking about lining a coat and making button holes (which is something that I have never done before) this semester. As I would like to do these things properly and not too rushed. So this post will be more about ideas than visual eye candy.


( Marshall’s sentiment about school) 

Moving on… This semester I thought would be a bit more relaxed considering that I had four classes opposed to five. However this was not the case. I had three studio classes, which is a first for me, which took up most of my time. One was a drawing class (it wasn’t perspective drawing therefore way more out of my comfort zone), a weaving class, and my conceptual fibres class (more on that later). One other quick note before I get into school stuff… This semester I participated in the school Show + Sale. It’s basically an art sale (pretty casual, anyone that signs up can participate). I was selling the zip bags I made last summer with image transfers on them (I’m not sure if I did a post on them or not). But here’s a picture:

P8220865.jpg P8220853.jpg

I wasn’t sure how they would do but they did pretty well I have to say! I sold all but one  item that I had (out of a total of ten). So I guess this summer I’ll be making a few more for next years sale as I’m not complaining about some extra dough. Also I managed to sell a few other things, like some miniature water colour paintings and my Russian folk art scarf:

Scan.jpg    PC170825.jpg

Alright onto school things. My weaving class was an intro to weaving (how it works and different ways to weave and what not). So I couldn’t be too adventurous with it and I’m okay with that. I think weaving is something that you have to accept for what it is and remember you are making cloth from scratch and you don’t have to be too experimental with it. Just let it be on its own. That being said I have this desire/wish/ambition/crazy thought that I will make my own linen from scratch. And this summer I will be growing flax to do so. I just want to know the process and go thru it and have a greater appreciation for it. So here’s an image of my favourite project; the rag rug (and I have enough scraps left over to make another one or two…).


(The rag rug)

Then at the beginning of march I had my first exhibition showing!!! My first piece in a show!!! The show was Fibre Fortnight, and it was the fibre departments main mall show. The piece that is in the show was the first project for my conceptual fibres class. It’s titled “Canning Sustainability”. The piece addresses the reclaiming of sustainable fibre techniques that I feel need a re-introduction into the mass fibres market, like natural dyeing and the use of natural fibres. So for this I made 66 linen vegetables (12 carrots, 24 pickles, and 30 tomatoes) by hand, dyed them their appropriate colours, then canned them in jars seal and all. I’ve been saying I have a really green thumb lately. Here are some pictures of the canning process (a proper photo of the whole piece will come later):

P1280876.jpg  P1280875.jpg


I’ll leave you with that quick update for now and will maybe share some more projects later on. That’s all for now until next time!



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