Impatient appreciation?


Despite last weeks endeavours this week there was not quite as much success. The growing season here is taking its time. No new blossoms have bloomed… unless dandelion blossoms count. However it has been raining the past few days and maybe that will give the garden that push it needs to get blooming in its full spring potential. Anyways for now, I am here impatiently waiting for the lilacs that are on their way here. I can see the buds  but none of them that are on our bush have opened yet and that is my next experiment. I want to try the flowers and some of the root as I am told the two give different colours.

In the garden we have a few irises that have come up. They are probably the flower that we are the most abundant in, we have yellow, lavender, yellow and burgundy, wine-coloured, royal purple coloured irises and more. I read online that the iris roots can be used for dyes. So my plan is to wait until a few more colours pop up out of the garden before I experiment just to see if the colour of the iris affects the dye colour.

Anyways this past week as there was not much for me to experiment with I decided to just appreciate the crab apple blossoms. The blossoms that are on the tree are already starting to wilt so I am pleased that I got to experiment with them while I still could. Here are some photos I took of them with a friend:




I think I was getting carried away taking photos because I was using a nicer camera than I normally do. I had to stop myself because I refuse to be one of those people who are really into photography… Well maybe I’ll just be into getting nice photos for this blog… and of my cat (who should be a model in my opinion.

He is ridiculous I know. But I adore him, he brings us pinecones! and other unsavoury treats… Anyways…

This weekend is may-long weekend so that means it is time to plant! I’ve got my list of plants I wish to plant for dye specific purposes, like, snapdragons, lilies, hollyhocks, basil, sage, and so on… I am assuming that there are going to be failures in among those materials but I will be sure to report back the results.

Anyways here I am sketching and reading as I wait, until next time!


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