Spring has sprung?

Okie dou, so finally there are some flowers and blossoms that have bloomed that I can experiment with, here at my parents house! Yay! As soon as I saw the blooms I went and got my paper bags and gathered an ample amount of blossoms and boiled them up with wonder. I started off with two types of flowers to experiment with. One really surprised me and the other gave me what I expected. Here are the finished results:


(The one on the bottom is a lemony yellow and the one on top is a subtle pale sage green)

The culprits that I experimented were crabapple tree blossoms and mayday tree blossoms. Both right now are some of the select few that are in abundance right now, and both have a short growing season so I made sure to jump on them while I still could. I collected the mayday blossoms from a tree in the park near my house (I got some strange looks by walkers by…) and I collected the crabapple blossoms from the tree in my backyard. I was not sure if the crabapple blossoms would do much because they do not have much of a scent and often times crabapples do not get used for anything. Whereas for the mayday blossoms I thought they would probably give yellow just because that it the most abundant colour in nature.


(My gatherings, mayday flowers are on the left and crabapple is on the right)


(The blossoms all ready to go in their pots)

Alright after that I boiled them up and here is what the dyes looked like:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The dye on the right is the crabapple dye which is a dark brown wine-like colour. When I saw this I thought okay now lets see how much of the dye the fabric absorbs as I did not have a mordant and I am not sure if it is a dye that contains a natural mordant. And the dye on the left looked more potent and like fabric would accept the dye more willingly.

When I first submerged the fabric it looked like this:


(Left is the crabapple, and the right is mayday)

In the crabapple bath the fabric just looked kind of grey, it was not doing much. So I decided to leave it overnight just to see if it made a difference. When I came back the next day it had become more of a blue-grey colour. Which was a shock.

Then I rinsed both sample and hung them up to dry:


Normally as fabric dries the colour does not change much, it might lighten a shade or two but other than that the colour stays the same. This is what happened with the mayday dyed fabric. It remained its original lemony colour. The crabapple on the other hand…. It dried a pale light, green colour! Hear that people I made green!!!! Here is picture proof:


I guess now I will have to dye a bit more cotton with this dye so that I can have a stock pile of green.

Anyways so that is how my first totally experimental dye session went, I am pretty happy with the results, next I am experimenting with some pinecones and we will see what that gives us, cheers.



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