Starting out Samples

Here in the bleak winter there are some of the samples I have been able to make with natural dyes. I feel like when you experiment with these dyes it is almost as important to try out different types of fibres as it is to test out the dyes themselves.

Every time I was testing out the dyes for the first time in my own kitchen I tried to put in a snippet of all the different types of natural fibres I had lying around my apartment. I spun in silks, cottons, silk cotton blends, linens, natural fibre velvets, etc… And most of them had different outcomes. Some had deeper colours than other fibres despite the fact that they were put into the same dye bath. This does not come to a complete shock to me, I had hypothesized that this would happen. But it was still interesting to see and fun to experiment with.


There is am image of my samples. Most of them I did at home. Some were made in the studio. Some worked and some… not so much (I am looking at you spinach. The internet told me you would give me green.)…

The top left pile is samples from the studio. The bottom is madder (red), the middle is logwood, and the top is cochineal (it was supposed to be red we were told… but it somehow turned out purple). The blue samples next to that are my indigo shibori samples. I will go into a more detailed post about those in another post. The top far right pile is all of my red cabbage samples. Yes even the green is red cabbage (I do not know how that happened or if I could even do it again). The bright pink pile below the madder pile is kool-aid (which only works on protein fibres). The second row from the top, from left to right, goes saffron, avocado skin, avocado thirox discharge, black bean. And the bottom row, from left to right, goes coffee, onion skin, onion skin and coffee, and a mix of green teas (matcha, sencha, and mint). There might be my complete failed attempt at spinach sample mixed in there. Either way the spinach is a no go.


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