An Exposition

The end of the school year is coming to an end soon. Scary, exciting and nerve-racking. I’m excited to get all this load of work done, but nervous because then I have to get my marks back. Also exciting because I’m moving back in with my parents as I am applying to transfer to a place closer to home (fifteen minutes from my front door to be exact). I have learned a lot this past year. I have learnt more independence, my values (in nature, in my environment, in politics/ social conduct, in relations, in people, etc…), how I operate, conceptual thinking, and what I am most excited about…. A path in the art world that I am interested in taking and exploring.

This year I was introduced to natural dyeing. I can say that it is now probably a method that is going to remain a part of my practice. Although I was introduced to it in the middle of winter… Which you can probably guess it quite limiting. I do not have the option of just walking outside and collecting leaves, pinecones or flowers to experiment with. I am limited to the things I can find at the grocery store… Not the ideal situation for someone who wants to try everything… That is why when I move back home I have plans to invest in some basic equipment, teach a friend, and gather plants and document my successes and failures of/for dyeing.

Books and the internet are great places to get inspiration and information about dyeing. Currently I am reading Wild Colour by Robert Murray-Smith and I garner a lot of visual inspiration from blogs and Pinterest… I never thought Pinterest was useful in any way (however my use of it is mostly for dye inspiration). And through these resources I have discovered techniques (such as: pounding and steaming…) and plants (such as: lavender, lily of the valley, iris root…) that I really want to try.

That is all for now I will talk to you later!


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